Wear Ruffle Tank Top For Summertime

Are you a girlie girl who just loves ruffles, lace and frills or are you a girl more interested in conservative styles? No matter which fashion category you believe you fall into you may be surprised to learn just how versatile the ruffle tank top can be. Many women have chosen to stay away from these feminine styles for years but as you may or may not have noticed, it is hard to ignore them this year. Lace, ruffles and frills are everywhere this year and they are back with a new elegant twist get more info. There are so many different ways to utilize this unique fashion top that we want everyone to have one!

Elan International is a new fashion designer within the women’s clothing industry and they have managed to create a very intriguing line of fashion tops, including a ruffle tank. Their take on this feminine style is strapless and offers ruffles down the center of the shirt from top to bottom. At first glance, this fashion top doesn’t appear as feminine as you may have remembered ruffles to be in the past. They have created this fashion top to combine a perfect balance between elegance and casual wear. This particular strapless tank top can be easily worn under your favourite blazer for the office or worn completely on its own with a great black mini skirt. In terms of layering, cropped sweaters and jackets are recommended here so as not to hide the unique style of the top beneath a top layer.

With plus size women in mind, there are strategic ways to utilize a ruffle tank top without ruining the look of your figure. As you can imagine, with the ruffles down the front of this top it can draw attention to your midsection. It is at this point where you need to analyze yourself to decide where your problem areas lie, if any, and decide for yourself if ruffles are a good or bad accent for your body type. The majority of plus size women can definitely pull off this style with no added pieces necessary to make this fashion top work. Break away from plain and safe fashions and allow yourself to look great in the hottest trends without constantly worrying about how it will look. Ruffles look great on every body!

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