Entertainment? Why is it so boring? Let’s spice it up!

By | September 12, 2019

Hungry, weary, exhausted, you come home from work and ask your mother, “Maa, what’s there in dinner?” Mother replies with all her love and affection, “Beta, Turai ki sabzi aur roti”!
Ouch! We know how it feels. This happens when your entertainment does not contain spices. Entertainment is a means of killing the monotony of our lives. Call it an escape into a world of fantasy, or call it a gateway of a not-so-real happy world, entertainment plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. However, entertainment without Masala is like samosa without chatni! One surely needs a pinch of it to make it more delightful. After all, who loves to eat boiled cabbage over scrumptious Paneer Tikka Masala? Ah, no one!

Have you ever gone crazy and shouted “bhaag dhanno bhaag” while watching Sholay on television for 26th times? Or ever skipped a heartbeat and gone numb while watching a spine-chilling horror movie? Or ever danced with joy on India’s win over Pakistan in a cricket match? If yes, then congratulation, you are a true, genuine and sincere entertainment lover whose motto in life is to pursue the real happiness in nowhere but in entertainment. 

For those, who live for entertainment and love to act “too filmy” in almost every situation, relax, unlike others we won’t rag you, rather we will happily take you to a beautiful world of entertainment, where you will get to watch 12 sports channels, 22 Hindi entertainment channels, 28 Hindi movie channels endlessly! We take you to the world of Dish TV. 

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